THE TRIGGER: Fluid Control System

The Trigger is a patented push button, self-venting, control flow valve developed for the use with motorsport utility jugs. It is easy to use, durable, and always manufactured in the U.S.A. Check out our videos for more details.

The Trigger differentiates itself from other valves in numerous ways such as; the vent on the utility jug does not need to be opened when in use, the utility jug can be fully inverted and will not release fluid until the Trigger is compressed, flow is controlled and stopped by releasing the Trigger. The end result is a product that is very easy to use and keeps the riders, machines, and our environment clean from spillage that is all too often seen when using the ball valve or straight tube in conjunction with a utility jug.

SPIT-SHINE: High Gloss Protective Coating

Spit-Shine is a protective coating made up of a special blend of silicones with fast-drying surfactants which makes the treatment of surfaces fast and easy. This product has a super fine mist that coats all surfaces evenly without sticky build-up or residue. The aerosol allows for easy application in hard to reach areas. Spit-Shine protects & conditions vinyl, plastics, leather, rubber, metal, engine components and wood surfaces.

Spray on, wipe off, perfect for hard to reach areas while making surfaces look new again and with a high gloss shine.

FOG-OUT: Anti-Fog Spray and Cloth

Fog-Out helps protect motorcycle windshields, helmet face visors, all goggles wet or dry, diving mask, snorkel mask, sunglasses and any clear surface. Effective, fast and easy to apply leaving a crystal clear surface. The more you apply, the better the surface is protected which means better clarity for your vision.

EZ-Stroke: Clear Chain Lube

EZ-Stroke Clear Chain Lube is one of the best chain lubes on the market. Its unique, fast drying properties and extreme protection separate it from other lubes available. Once you apply EZ-Stroke it will dry in less than a minute and protect your chains, sprockets or cables from dirt and sand. EZ-Stroke will not wash off and will protect from friction up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is great for use on Off-road and Street machines.

The convenient straw clip ensures that you won't have to search for your application straw again.

Note: Not for sale in California.

Stroker Apparel: Jar Head Flat Bill Hat

Product Description: Jar Head flat bill snap back hat. Our Jar Head hat is the newest release in a very popular style of flat bill hats. Get yours today!

*One Size Fits All

APPAREL: Classic Flat Bill Hat Snap Back

Stroker's classic flat bill hat. One size fits all.

APPAREL: Classic Hat Snap Back

Stroker's classic hat. One size fits all.

APPAREL: Short Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

Product Description: Stroker Industries Black T-Shirt. One of our most popular shirts is now available. Light weight and super comfortable. 100% Polyester With Moisture-Wicking And Anti-Microbial Properties.